Test Results

xrayPatients are requested to wait at least ten working days before telephoning the Surgery for the results of blood and other tests. This gives time for the tests to be processed by the laboratories; results viewed and interpreted by Doctors and Nurses who will make decisions about any course of treatment. Tests or results that require immediate action or treatment will be dealt with appropriately, in some instances the Doctor or Nurses may telephone the patient directly.

Cervical Smear results as well as some types of blood tests can take up to a month to process and we would ask patients to refrain from contacting the Surgery unnecessarily as this creates pressure on our telephone lines and the time taken by staff in retrieving information not yet available.

Receptionists are trained in confidentiality and authorised to report on some test results, as these have already been viewed by the Doctor, who has left instructions, however abnormal or sensitive results will not be reported by Receptionists. (e.g. Pregnancy; Smears)

Unless we have the express written permission, to ensure confidentiality, test results will only be given to Patients themselves.

Urine samples for analysis may be left in 8.30 – 1.00pm.  They are initially tested by the Nurse and if deemed necessary sent to the laboratory for analysis. Urine samples left after 1.00 cannot be tested in the treatment room and not viable for testing the next day.

Urine samples tested 8.30 -1.00pm Patients should telephone after 4.30pm for results.

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