Reception staff assist Patients with accessing Appointments and Services in the Surgery.They have access to all your medical records and provide information about hospital letters, referrals and prescriptions.

They can issue authorised repeat medications but cannot under any circumstances change or reauthorise prescriptions.

Ashley Medical Centre adopt DHSS Policy on ZERO Tolerance against the abuse of Staff. This includes verbal abuse. Reception Staff work to strict Protocols which have been agreed and authorised by the Doctors and Practice Manager,

Patients who breach this policy will be given a warning and any repeat of the behaviour may be asked to leave the Practice.

All telephone calls to the Surgery are now recorded. These are monitored regularly by the Practice Manager and Doctors


Appointments for Lynn, Janina and Kirsty are for a range of tests and medical checks including ear syringing and ECGs. They also provide wound management and treatment of minor injuries; vaccinations and advice on health promotion. Brenda and Sophia are responsible for the Warfarin clinic and monitoring Patients on specialised drugs.  Brenda is responsible for Diabeties; Asthma; COPD; Peripheral Vascular Disease Monitoring; Osteoporosis; Chronic Heart Disease; Weight Management; Smoking Cessation; Chronic Kidney Disease. Brenda assists the Doctors in the care and management of these Patients and is responsible for the call and recall of Patients for monitoring. Brenda is also responsible for providing information and advice on vaccination programmes for patients travelling abroad for study or pleasure. (Please see section on Travel Medicine). This is free at present; however, charges for this service are likely to apply in the future due to the increasing demand. Due to the high demand for Treatment Room services, appointments with Nurses are at the direction of GPs or Nurses. Patients who request blood or other testing not authorised by GP will be asked to make an appointment with GPs.

Miss Ashleigh McKnight (f)

Healthcare Assistants

Mrs Janina Barron (f)

Janina is qualified and indemnified to perform a range of clinical duties. These include:

  • Taking Bloods for laboratory testing and in-house for INR Monitoring
  • BP Measurements
  • Weight
  • Performing ECG for GP review
  • Simple dressing
  • New Patieint Medical Checks
  • Immunisations for Flu and Pneumococcal
  • B12 Injections
Ms Kirsty Docherty (f)
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