New Guidelines issued by CREST (2010) for the use of Laboratories by GP Practices, gives guidance on the appropriateness of testing Patients and the intervals for testing


 Due to the increased pressures on laboratories and the costs associated with inappropriate testing, GP PRactice have been issued with guidance regarding the clinical indicaiton for frequency of testing. The most frequent test performed is cholesterol. We have set out below informatino for Patient on how to have their cholesterol tested and how often.


Patients eligible for Cholesterol Testing

    • Patients with Cardio vascular Disease (CVD); Diabetes; Stroke; Chronic Kidney Disease

    • Patients at risk of CVD:

        • Patients > 50 who smoke

        • Patients with family history of CVD or Stroke


Frequency of Testing (How Often)

      1. Patients on Cholesterol Lowering drugs, whose Cholesterol is stable (i.e. last two tests within range), should have their Cholesterol tested annually - minimum

      1. All other healthy adults the recommendation is 5 yearly.

Patients who are not eligible or who are requesting tests too frequently will be referred to the Doctors. Please help us reduce the pressure on the Practice and Laboratories by adhering to this guidance. If you are in doubt, please speak with our Nurses or Healthcare Assistant who will be happy to advise you. 


Many local Pharmacies offer cholesterol testing (fee applicable)

Thank you for your cooperation.

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